Please know your medical records will remain accessible to you and your providers. You can transfer your records by registering with another practice, should you follow your existing primary care provider or pick a new one. You may also access, download, and transfer your record through our patient portal, continue to access information through the patient portal. Please review the options below regarding your records.

If you follow your primary care physician to their new location, or choose another provider at another practice, you can have your medical records transferred be registering and completing a medical records release form with that practice. In many cases your provider’s practice may be able to process this electronically and at no cost to you. Click here to follow your provider and get assistance from their new practice:

You can access your medical records, or Personal Health Records (PHR) through the patient portal. Please login to your patient portal account or create a new account to get access to your patient portal where you can view, download, and transfer your personal health records to your provider for continuity of clinical care.

Please also know that providers caring for Compass Medical patients in an emergency room, urgent care or clinical facility setting, can also access Compass Medical clinical data through our electronic healthcare record. They can do this through data shared through our electronic health record system (eCW) via inter-operability framework, commonly known as CommonWell and CareQuality Framework.